Privacy Policy

Protecting Information Online

Whether you are a current customer or just visiting us online, National Capital Bank is committed to providing the highest level of security and privacy regarding the collection and use of the information you provide to us at  A description of our Online Privacy Policy is provided below.

Protecting Online Applications

When you apply online to enroll in Online Banking, you provide personal information that is necessary for us to process your application.  To ensure that your application remains confidential, the information is sent to us via fax or mail.  Once this information is received by the Bank, only designated personnel may open and process the application. 

After you have completed and printed your application online, we recommend that you end your browser session before leaving your computer.

We, along with the outside companies with which we work, may keep the information you provide to us, along with information we collect from outside sources, so that we can offer you accounts and services related to your financial needs.

How We Handle E-mail

We preserve the content of your e-mail, your e-mail address, and our response so that we can more efficiently handle any follow-up questions you may have.  We also do this to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Regular non-encrypted Internet e-mail is not secure.  In the instances where National Capital Bank Internet e-mail addresses are provided, these are provided for information inquiries of a non-sensitive and non-confidential nature.  For responses requiring confidentiality, please contact us by phone, US mail, or by visiting one of our offices.  If you are a registered Online Banking customer, you may also send us secure e-mail by using the Contact Us button from within our Online Banking system. The Contact Us button on NCBs general website is not secure and should never be used to transmit any confidential or privileged information.

Protecting Your Online Banking

When you bank online with us, we, along with the outside companies we work with to bring these services to you, have access to your information.  Information is retained on our system or the system of the appropriate outside company, depending on what is required in order to serve you.

We use state of the art Internet technology, supported by the outside companies we work with, to make Online Banking secure and to protect your personal information.  We require an Online Banking ID and Password to access your accounts.  If you do not provide this information, we cannot establish an Online Banking service for you. 

You can also help maintain the security of your banking information by not sharing your Online Banking ID or Password with anyone, by changing your Password regularly, and by remembering to sign off.

Protecting Your Privacy Online

Whenever we ask for personal information on our web site, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL technology) for transferring data.  This technology encrypts (or scrambles) your account information so it is virtually impossible for anyone other than National Capital Bank to read it. 

When Information Is And Is Not Collected

Some areas of our web site require information about yourself to enable you to perform certain functions (for example, to review your accounts).  In these cases, we collect your information if necessary in order to interact with you.  If you do not interact with us, you browse our web site anonymously, and personal information (such as your e-mail address) is not collected.

We gather and analyze data regarding usage of our web site, including domain name, number of hits, pages visited, length of user session, etc., to evaluate the usefulness of our sites.

About "Cookies"

To provide better service and a more effective web site, we use "cookies" as part of our interaction with your browser.  A "cookie" is a small text file placed on your hard drive by our web page server.  These cookies do not collect personally identifiable information, and we do not combine information collected through cookies with other personal information to determine who you are or your e-mail address.

Cookies are commonly used on web sites and do not harm your system.  The use of cookies within Online Banking is necessary for security and is required to access the system.  Our use of cookies is for user authentication only.

Protecting Children

We do not knowingly solicit data from children, and we do not knowingly market to children.  We recognize that protecting children's identities and privacy online is important and that the responsibility to do so rests with both the online industry and with parents.

Our Commitment To Your Privacy

You can count on us to keep you informed about how we protect your privacy and limit the sharing of information you provide to us.

Please note that since we cannot control information on other Internet sites, we are not responsible for the content of sites linked from